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Advanced Surgical Training


ST5 trainees in vascular surgery


Members of the Vascular Society.


  • .Practical stations alongside a series of case-based discussions.

  • Management of complex aortic and venous pathologies

  • Exposure to the latest technological advances in the endovascular management of infra-juxta suprarenal aortic aneurysmal disease.

    • EVAR planning

    • EVAR deployment

  • Case based discussions

    • Thoracic outlet syndrome

    • Renal access

  • Peripheral endovascular station

    • Closure devices

  • To introduce the role of endovascular technologies in the treatment of deep venous disease.

  • Clinical mamement and leadership

Next Course


Date: April 2025


2023 - 26th to 28th April - Birmingham (Organiser: Miss Anna Murray)

Diabetic foot case-based discussions (CBPs) are available here

Upper limb case-based discussions (CBDs) are available here

EVAR planning case-based discussion (CBD) is found here

2023 Feedback

2019 - 25th to 27t April - Hull

Diabetic foot case-based discussions are available here

Vascular access for dialysis presentation is available here.

2018 - 5th to 7th April - Hull

Powerpoint available here from the Diabetic Foot Case-Based Discussions.

2017 - 7th July to 9th July in Hull (Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation) - Prof Ian Chetter

2 trainees attended the ST5 course. The program consisted of 2 lecture and 9 practical stations.

Feedback was exemplary with such comments as:  

- Excellent faculty and teachers. This was a very supportive environment. Faculty welcomed questions at the end of each case.
- Great practice.
- Very good, excellent to be put under pressure, good case choices.
- Excellent session that simulated exam environment lots of pressure but enjoyed.
- Good insight to the exams learnt a lot.