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Invited Lectures

Invited Lectures

The following invited lectures have been delivered at the Society's ASMs.

KinmonthBJS/Vascular SocietyEdinburgh College

Kinmonth (1983)

History of this lecture

Kinmonth Lecture (1983)

Founded in 1983 utilising a gift made in his lifetime by Professor John Kinmonth FRCS (1916-1982, RCS Eng. Council l977-82), and donations. A bronze medal bearing the arms of the RCS Eng. on one side and a portrait head of Kinmonth on the other and engraved with the Lecturer’s name and the year in which the lecture is delivered, is presented on each occasion.

About Kinmonth: You can learn more about John Monmoths life in the history of the Society.

An annual RCS England lecture on a vascular topic.

A nomination is solicited from the President of The Vascular Society and goes before Council for approval. The lecture is usually delivered at the annual meeting of the Vascular Society.

Year  Speaker Institution Title
1983 (1st) Prof Graham Tracy       University of New South Wales at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia Choosing a treatment plan for patients with leg ischaemia
1984     Mr Roger Baird   Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol   Recognition of carotid artery disease
1985  Mr Jeffrey Adrian Marston   Middlesex Hospital, London The gut and its blood-supply
1986  Prof Sir Peter Morris  Nuffield Department of Surgery, Oxford Whither carotid endarterectomy
1987   Prof John E Connolly University of California, Irvine, USA. Can paraplegia in aortic surgery be prevented?
1988  Dr Thomas F O’Donnell   Tufts Medical Center, Boston, USA Management of the high-risk abdominal aortic aneurysm
1989 Prof Averil Mansfield  St Mary’s Hospital, London An artery and a vein dancing - the management of arteriovenous malformation
1990  Mr CW Jamieson  St Thomas' Hospital, London Dilemmas in improving vascular surgical services
1991 Prof Norman Browse     St Thomas' Hospital, London The lymphatics
1992 (10th) Prof Alexander Clowes  University of Washington, Seattle, USA    Vascular biology - the new frontier
1993 Dr Ray Gosling     The mechanics of atherosclerosis
1994 Dr Hero van Urk Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Future development in endoluminal vascular surgery
1995 Dr Timothy Chuter  University of California, San Francisco,USA Clinical experience of stenting aneurysms
1996  Dr Jerry Goldstone University of California, San Francisco,USA Vascular surgery: training, certification and practice; observations from the USA
1997 Mr Alan Scott Chichester. Screening and the management of abdominal aortic aneurysms - the missing links
1998 Mr Peter Harris Liverpool Vascular surgery: the European perspective
1999 Mr Simon G Darke  Bournemouth “Optimal management of venous ulceration: an enigma slowly unfolding”
2000  Prof Janet Powell Imperial College, London. The good, the bad and the ugly - a tale of aneurysms
2001 Mr Jonothan Earnshaw Gloucester Audit of clinical outcomes in vascular surgery: a shield for our profession
2002 (20th)  Prof David Bergqvist  Sweden Management of iatrogenic vascular injuries
2003 Prof Reginald Lord  University of New South Wales and St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, Australia Carotid disease: the burden of proof
2004 Prof Roger Greenhalgh Charing Cross Hospital, London The impact of vascular clinical trials on clinical practice
2005 Mr John Wolfe St Mary’s Hospital, London Operative vascular training and assessment: the last century, the present and the future
2006     Mr Peter Taylor Guys' and St Thomas's Hospital, London Achieving the Impossible
2007  Professor Kevin Burnand  Guys' and St Thomas's Hospital, London Research in vascular diseases: achievements and unsolved problems
2008   Professor Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam Leeds Translational vascular research: the road less travelled
2009  Professor Roy Greenberg  Cleveland Clinic, USA Perspectives on the future of vascular surgery and aortic interventions
2010 Professor Matt Thompson St George’s Vascular Institute, London  Changing management of aortic aneurysms - Lessons from the Life and Death of Albert Einstein
2011  Prof Bruce Campbell Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter The evolution of evidence
2012 (30th) Professor Peter Rothwell 

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Oxford

Carotid interventions: past, present and future
2013 Sir Bruce Keogh Medical director of the National Health Service in England  
2014 Prof Ross Naylor    
2015 Mr David Nott    
2016   Prof Cliff Shearman  University of Southampton Changing the world – feet first
2017   ?    
2018  Mr Paul Blair Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Modern Management of Vascular Trauma
2019 Prof Jan Blankensteijn  Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands The current status of EVAR—Two decades of daydreams and nightmares
2020 Prof Alun Davies Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust  Venous disease – appliance of science to current treatment and future perspectives
2021  Prof Hence Vernhagen Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Technological innovation and the future of industry’s role in new device introduction. Who protects patients?

Prof Adam Beck

University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Registry device capture is good for patients, clinicians and industry

2023 Dr Anahita Dua Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, USA

Going out on a limb to save life and limb: Innovative approaches to preventing amputation in 2023

BJS* and Vascular Society Invited Lecture (2017)

An annual Vascular Society lecture on a vascular topic.

Year  Speaker Institution Title
2017* Prof Janet Powell Imperial College, London Tricks, trials and treats
2018 ?    
2019 ?    
2020 Prof Rob Sayers University of Leicester Avoiding amputation, limb salvage clinics and the challenges of COVID
2021 Ms Scarlett McNally East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Prevention, prophylaxis, prehabilitation, patient-centredness and perioperative care - how to get surgery better
2022 Prof Ian Loftus St George's Vascular Institute From bottom of the pile to best of the rest, where next for AAA outcomes in the UK?
2023 Dr. Kak Khee Yeung Amsterdam UMC Translational vascular surgery: from the operating theatre to the lab and back to the patient

Edinburgh College Lecture (2020)

An annual RCS Edinburgh lecture on a vascular topic.

A nomination is solicited from the President of The Vascular Society and goes before Council for approval. The lecture is delivered at the annual meeting of the Vascular Society.

Year Speaker Institution Title
2020 Prof Angus Watson Consultant General and Colorectal surgeon and is Director of Research and Development at NHS Highland Surgical synthetics making simulation more realistic’
2021 Prof Chris Imray University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire. Honorary Professor at Warwick Medical School, Exeter University and Coventry University The long view- from the road less travelled
2022 Prof Kevin Mani

Uppsala University, Sweden

The risks and rewards of the centralization of aortic surgery
2023 Prof Alan Lumsden Houston Methodist, Houston, USA The “Cardiovascular Centre”: Pipe dream or the way of the future