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Partnerships with other organisations

Allied Societies Memorandums of Understanding Partners

The Vascular Society represents patients with vascular disease and specialists treating patients with vascular disease.

This is embeded into the way the Society works:

  • Allied vascular societies are represented by their Presidents at Open Council.
  • Allied vascular societies are represented on the editorial committee for the JVSGBI and in the reviewers for the Journal.
  • The annual scientific meeting (ASM) is held jointly with VS, SVN, SCVS and BACPAR members able to attend all sessions
    • The 2024 ASM will open with an allied society's session on management of the diabetic foot.
    • We aim in 2026 to hold a joint meeting also with VASGBI.
  • Allied vascular society members sit on VS Committes:
    • Circulation Foundation
    • Education and Training
    • Audit and Quality Improvement
    • Research
    • Workforce
  • We hold a joint summer VS and SVN online symposium.

Allied UK and Ireland Vascular Societies

The Vascular Society works most closely with the following Professional Societies, the Presidents of which sit on the Society’s Open Council:


Memorandums of Understanding

The Vascular Society has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the following organisations:

These MoUs define our relationship as Societies and how we can work together for the benefit of our members and patients.


The Vascular Society has partnership agreements in place with the following organisations:

And supports meetings organised by the following organisations: