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Trainee Area

Trainees area

Welcome to the trainee area of the Vascular Society website.

This section provides access to trainnee resources including 'All you need to know about vascular surgery', ASPIRE (for Specialisty trainess including SAS doctors) and Introduction to Vascular Surgery Courses (for medical students, Foundation programme doctors, and Core Surgical Trainees).

Vascular Surgery eBook

To learn more about vascular surgery please read our eBook online or download:

All you need to know about vascular surgery

Trainee information

Please visit our trainee specific web pages:

Speciality (NTN) Training For Vascular Speciality Trainees in the UK and Ireland

Non-Speciality Training For SAS and LED doctors preparing for CESR in Vascular Surgery

Foundation & Core Trainees Guidance for choosing a career as a Vascular Surgeon

Medical Students Introduction to Vascular Surgery and career advice


Rouleaux Club

European Vascular Surgeons in Training

The Association of Surgeons in Training