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Vascular Society Education and Training Committee

NCIP Vascular Launch Letter

Underwarming mattress and pooling of cleaning fluids

Vascular Society February Newsletter


GIRFT National Clinical Lead for Vascular Surgery

Honorary Secretary Newsletter April

Honorary Secretary Newsletter February

Honorary Secretary Newsletter October

Green Surgery Survey and Statement

Vascular Society Christmas Message

Medical Associate Professionals


Vascular Research Priorities to Evidence Workshop

Acute Aortic Dissection Pathway Toolkit

Aortic Dissection - The Patient Guide

Honorary Secretary Newsletter September

CQUIN to support PAD-QIF Targets

Statement on Sexual Harassment

Hernia Webinar ESVS

Honorary Secretary Newsletter February NCIAs

Honorary Secretary Newsletter February

Honorary Secretary Newsletter March NCIA

Revised Entry Criteria for Examinations Administered by the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Examinations

Merry Christmas Vascular Society

Preserving Vascular Services


Bullying, Undermining and Harassment in Vascular Surgical Training

Summary of changes PAD QIP

Burnout Among Surgeons Questionnaire

Guidance for re-starting elective vascular surgery

President's Christmas Message

Medtronic Field Safety Notice

Medtronic Memo Final

Surveillance Advice for Medtronic Valiant Navion Thoracic Endografts

Navion Letter to Patients Template

Preserving Vascular Services

President's Autumn Letter

SSB Member Advert

Vascular Surgery Webinar Series


President's Update 25 March 2020

President's Update 27 March 2020

President's Update 3 April 2020

President's Update 9 April 2020

President's Update 17 April 2020

President's Update 27 April 2020

President's Update 4 May 2020

President's Update 20 May 2020

President's Update June 2020

BSIR Discussion Notes

COVID-19 Virus and Vascular Surgery

CX Aortic Vienna Registration Header

JLA Round 2 Survey

Joint COVID Policy Statement from the Royal Surgical Colleges

PPE Challenge

PPE Challenge Version 2

President's Update 13 September 2020

President's Update September 2020

President's Christmas Message

Honorary Secretary December Letter

Spring Newsletter

Stars Symposium

Resumption of less urgent and elective (endo-) vascular surgery

Vascular SAC Newsletter

Guidance on resumption of vascular surgery

Vascular Society on NICE AAA Guidelines


Position Statement on Medical Manslaughter

Drug Eluting Stents/Balloons

Summer 2019 Newsletter

Nomination Form for Council Elections

Peripheral Arterial Disease

President's Letter concerning NICE guidelines

Spring 2019 Newsletter

Commission on the Future of Surgery: Vascular Surgery

BSIR Communication 20/6/19


Audit and QI Committee Report

Letter to Individual Arterial Centres

NICE Statement

Spring Newsletter


Ian Paterson call for inquiry


Statement from the Vascular Society


Quarter 2 Newsletter


Service Specification for the Non-Arterial centres or Spoke units of a Vascular Hub and Spoke Network


President's Message

A Message from your Council


November Newsletter


November Newsletter