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Preparation for FRCS (Vascular)

This course offers simulated clinical examination with patients; simulated oral examinations included academic stations.

Delegates: ST7 trainees, ST6 trainees preparing to sit the FRCS Vasc. and Non-NTN trainees preparing for FRCS (Vasc.)

Faculty: Members of the Vascular Scoiety

Course details: 2 day course (residential)

The training comprises of the following:

  • Simulated Clinical Examination with patients

  • Simulated Oral examinations including academic stations

  • Large faculty requirements

Validation of the course is carried out by an observing JCIE Vascular Board Chair

Next course

Location: Cardiff 

Organisers: Lewis Meacham and Huw Davies

Next date: March 2025

Future courses:

2024-2026 - in Cardiff (Organisers: Mr Lewis Meacham and Mr Huw Davies

2023 Programme 2023 Feedback

2021-2023 - in Worcester (Organiser: Mr Julien Alshakarchi)


2020 - 3rd to 4th Februray in Hull (Professor Ian Chetter)

The programme for the 2020 ASPIRE 7 course can be downloaded here

2019 - 11th to 12th Februray in Hull (Professor Ian Chetter)

The report from the 2019 course can be found here