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National Consultant Information Portal

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NCIP was initiated in 2018 to support NHS consultants working in England with learning and continuous self-development of their practice. NCIP provides a solution to the Paterson Inquiry recommendation that there should be a single repository of the whole practice of consultants (NHS and Independent).

A founding principle of NCIP has been that it should be a resource for the profession, led by the profession. 

The portal is being delivered with the support of GIRFT clinical leads. The ambition is to provide a unique service – a single point of access to different types and sources of data that consultants will use to support quality improvement and their personal development and learning.

Individual consultant-level data will not be available for external publication.  The data can only be accessed by individuals registered via their Trust to use the portal and seen only by the consultant it relates to and their senior responsible officer and medical director.

Vascular surgery leads

  • Prof Arun Pherwani
  • Mr Jon Boyle


The main methods of utilising NCIP include:

  • Support quality improvement - drill into patient level information to review post-surgical outcomes
    e.g. 90 day mortality, 5 year aneurysm repair revision data
  • Consistency with GIRFT and Model Health System, allows you to review GIRFT opportunities down to a consultant and patient level
  • Easy export of procedure level summaries at consultant and provider level, with benchmarked outcomes for appraisal and revalidation
  • View your NHS activity across all providers in one place

Vascular dashboards


 Title (in alphabetical order, by sub-specialty)

1.    Aneurysm AAA repair without rupture | age 17+ | emergency
2.   Aneurysm  EVAR | age 17+  | elective
3.   Aneurysm  Open AAA repair | age 17+ | elective
4.   Aneurysm  Open thoracic aorta repair | age 17+ | elective
5.  Aneurysm  Ruptured AAA repair | age 17+ | emergency
6.  Aneurysm  TEVAR | age 17+  | elective
7.  Aneurysm  Thoracic aneurysm repair (with or without rupture) | age 17+ | emergency
8.  Carotid  Carotid endarectomy/stenting | age 17+ 
9.    Lower limb

 Lower limb angioplasty/stenting for PAD | age 17+

10.  Lower limb  Lower limb bypass | age 17+  
11.  Lower limb   Major lower limb amputation | age 17+ 
12.  Venous  Varicose vein repairs | age 17+ | elective
13.  TOS  Thoracic outlet procedures | age 17+ | elective

NCIP currently only displays inpatient activity, This may impact varicose vein volumes.